Item Description Type Image
Red Shirt N/A What do you know about bobo you dont know anything. Equip-Body Resh
Letter To General Quixote N/A lt starts off with, Good news! You're not crazy! Quest Letogequ
Small XP Boost N/A gffff Item Smxpbo
Blue Shirt N/A 100% Cotton. Equip-Body Blsh
Skeleguard Skull N/A Darn this thing is thick Quest Sksk
Turnip N/A Quest Turnip
Killed Tomato N/A This tomato's homicidal days are over... but its salad days are just beginning Quest Kito
Jumbo Crab Claw N/A This thing is high-end buffet quality. Eat for 50 health. Item Jucrcl
Tighty Off-Whities N/A They leave nothing to the imagination. incluiding the fact that you've obviously never heard of bleach. Equip-Legs Tiofwh
Letter To The General N/A Quest Letogequ
Orders For Scout N/A Quest Orfosc
Hat Of Festivity N/A Equip-Head (Seasonal?) Haoffe
Note For Little Girl N/A Quest Nofoligi
Pointy Stick N/A Equip-Weapon Post
Giant Skull N/A Quest Gisk
Adult Diapers 1 Handy for when stuff scares the crap out of you. Literally. Equip-Legs Addi
Evil Army Membership Card(V1.0) N/A Quest Evarmeca
Evil Army Membership Card(V2.0) N/A Quest Evarmeca
Zombeet N/A Quest Zoet
Killinator Shades-Black N/A Equip-Face Kishbl
Killinator Shades-Red N/A Equip-Face Kishre
Green Shirt N/A Equip-Body Grsh
Pink Shirt N/A Equip-Body Pish
Green Trucker Hat N/A Equip-Head Grtrha
Fellowship Card N/A Equip-Item Feca
Morpheus Shades-Red N/A Woah. Red pill.g Equip-Face Moshre
Premium Fellowship Card N/A Equip-Item Prfeca
FO Baseball Cap N/A Equip-Head Fobaca
Devil Horns N/A Equip-Head Deho
Eye Patch 1 Much cheaper than a glass eye, and as a bonus it doesn't actually require that you remove your eye. Equip-Face Eypa
Scorpion Report N/A Quest Scre
Spicy Crab Meat Chunk N/A Quest Spcrmech
Jug Of Rum 1 YoHoHO brand. It looks like make you go blind. But on the bright side it might make a good musical instrument when you're done. Item Juofri
Fellowship Of The Ring N/A Equip-Ring Feofthri
Standard Lockpick N/A It might be handy if you, the master of unlocking take it with you. Weapon Stlo
Small Torch N/A Offers a bit more light for 10 minutes. Item-Uses as Skill Smto
Health Insurance Card N/A I wonder if it covers calcium supplements Quest Heinca
Gold Ring N/A Doesn't do anything. Except make a guy feel like crap when he has to pawn what looks like it was probably his wedding band. Item Gori
Rock Dust N/A Typically that's what happens when you defeat a rock. Item Rodu
Dead Canary N/A Ewww. Item Deca
Gold Nugget N/A Gold I tells ya! Item Gonu
Gold Skull Chunk N/A It looks like the left side of a skull, only it's made of gold. I guess you could use it as some sort of spoon? Item Gsc
Alpha Halo N/A Thanks for helping out! Equip-Head Alha
Football & Shorts N/A Or yeah, soccer shorts and a soccer ball. Equip-Legs Fbnsh
Nerd Specs N/A No tape on these! Yet. Equip-Face Ns
Silver Coronet N/A How dainty! Equip-Head Silvercoronet
Spider Guts N/A Eeewwwwww. Item Sg
Henching For Dummies N/A Table of Contents includes such gems as "Uniform Coordination" and "Attacking One at a Time". ? Hfd
Triploon N/A It's one-better than a dubloon. Item Triploon
Gold Skull Jawbone N/A That's some underbite. Some of the people around here could probably use the teeth, though. No Noob Island school of dentistry, I guess. Item Gsj
Pumpkin Mush N/A Not sure what else you were expecting when you slaughtered a pumpkin. Item Pm
Gas Mask 1

Protects you from rancid gas

License Plate N/A Hmm... apparently, it's from a noob island crab-o-mobile. The number of it is "1337HAX". How the heck did it get here? Item
Oxygen Tank N/A An old, empty oxygen tank. I bet it's a few bucks at the pawn shop