The Annoying Skeles:


Kill 10 Skeles

x/10 Skeles


General Unrest Says:

"Here's the deal: Some of those skeles decided to branch out and form their own little happy club just southeast of the dwarf skeles. I think that taking care of ten of them should be right up your alley! Careful, though; these ones are normal-sized."

Reward: 400 XP, 15 Coins, Dull Wooden Sword


As was mentioned, these ones are normal sized. They hit for low damage at a faster rate than anything fought so far. (unless of course you decided to do all the quests after leveling to 30 for some odd reason and have already seen everything the game has to offer) Level 5+ recommended for this quest. Prepare for a slow grind if you're lower level. Head right from the gate and then head down once past the dwarf skeles. After a few seconds you should see the off white skeles involved in this quest. Take out the 10 and then return to General Unrest for your reward.