Right to Boney Arms:


Kill 5 Armed Skeles on the hill to the southeast.

x/5 Armed Skeles


Guardsman Phil Says:

"As if those skeles weren't annoying enough, now it seems someone's giving them weapons. Follow the trail that leads southeast and you'll find them on the hill. Kill a few before they get any ideas."

Rewards: 250 XP, 35 Coins


Time for another slow grind if you're level isn't high enough. Recommended 6+. From the gate, head right then down. Once you see the regular Skeles, head right again. Keep going right until you see the opening for the hill (near a lone tree.) Head up the hill and then slightly to the right to engage your Armed Skele friends. Kill 5 then follow the reverse route back to the gate to turn this quest in to Guardsman Phil.