Night Of The Turnips:


Kill 10 Turnipheads for Farmer Ted. Hey, that kinda rhymes! Get on that, Shakespeare.

x/10 Turnipheads


Farmer Ted Says:

"Welcome to my farm! I used to grow the sweetest, most delicious produce you've ever tasted but, after a bloody battle was fought on my little plot not so long ago, this dirt now creates the nastiest, most evil veggies you've ever fought!

If you could take care of, say, 10 of these Turnip Heads, I'd be most grateful!"

Rewards: 300 XP, 10 Coins, Letter For Guard Captain Bill, Barrel Lid


Time for Round 2 in the turnip patch. This time we need to kill just 10 turnip heads. Quick little whip em up and you'll be done with this quest.